Thursday, January 6, 2011

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

So, I've noticed that I like to bite off more than I can chew.  So I try to rethink any decision to jump into a new project, or game, or really anything that takes up my free time before I say yes.  Maybe some of you are like that as well. 

I've been posting fairly regularly on YouTube, and I didn't realize how awesome of a RPG community there is on there.  I feel like I've made some genuine friends on there, and we all comment on each others thoughts, and we've even sent gifts through the mail of some of our extra gaming books.  My main point, is that even though it is awesome, it has taken up a big chunk of my free time, and I didn't expect that.  So be careful of what you are getting into, before you say, "Yes."

Currently I am playing in: a Firefly/Serenity RPG on Monday nights, a H.A.R.P. play by post game on Real Roleplaying, a Vampire: the Requiem game also on Real Roleplaying, a Dragonlance Labyrinth Lord game at my GASP gaming club, and finally in a play by email Labyrinth Lord game that just started up using Domain Level house rules, that are similar to Birthright but more rules-lite.

In addition to playing those games, I am running a Conan Barbarians of Lemuria play by post game, that will probably wrap up in the next month or so because of lack of posting, and players dropping away.  I also run my Darves Hill Labyrinth Lord game at GASP, that is coming up this Saturday (so I need to do a little prep work for that). 

So, I do a good bit of gaming.  Plus, I try to comment on various gaming forums, I've tried to start drawing monsters again, and while doing all of the above, I'm trying to keep the Wife happy, and take care of an old house we bought last year.  I can get busy at times, and the free time I have left over from work seems to vanish quickly.

So, just be careful out there that you don't do too much, and that you can figure out how to keep up with everything, even if all of it is fun.  :)


  1. I hear you Tim. I'm playing 3.5 Ravenloft (about every other month or so), 3.5 Forgotten Realms (usually twice a month), Call of Cthulhu (usually twice a month), Labyrinth Lord Darve's Hill (once a month), and Labyrinth Lord DragonLance (once a month). I'll likely be joining Jon's GASP game once it starts, too.

    On top of that I've just started a Swords & Wizardry White box adventure that might be morphing into a campaign (monthly) and my every other Tuesday group is cycling through some different systems. I'll be running a Hollow Earth Expedition adventure in about 2 weeks! Maybe some Savage Worlds or 4e after that....and there is the blog, too....and reading all the other blogs...and I picked up some Warhammer 40k minis, but haven't had any time to paint them or learn to play. I have some friends that love it and have been egging me on, but I just haven't gotten around to busting out the paint set. Yowch.

  2. Jon's game is going to be using Savage Worlds, and the setting is going to be Fallout Detroit. It sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun.

    We have an entertainment robot, and two wide-eyed vault people. I'll be playing a wasteland human, who has a super-mutant on a chain, and we follow a guy that worships the robot. There is also a "sneaky guy" and I think that was everyone there for the chat session.

    John is going to post a thread on the GASP forum when he gets time with details.

    On another note, it sounds like gaming it eating most of your free time too. :)