Thursday, February 3, 2011

Darves Hill Eats 1st Level Magic-Users For Breakfast

So... there have been two 1st Level Magic-Users that have come to Darves Hill, and died there.  I think I'm a tad rough on them it seems.  That is part of the old school that I have to get more accustomed to however.  Darves Hill is my first real old school campaign, and I really am having fun with it.  I'm hoping that the players who are more used to newer versions of D&D like the story aspect of the game, as well as exploring the megadungeon. 

The reason I was thinking about the high murder rate of Magic-Users was because I have all these pretty spells printed up on old crumbling paper, in a cursive type, and no one to use them... hehe.

I need to block off some more time for prep this week, as the next session is going to be on Feb 12th.  I'm also going to attempt to record the session, but I may have an issue keeping my laptop powered up for 4 hours if I can't find a plug.  I may have to get creative with an extension cord to make it happen, and tip the gaming store to help pay their electric bill, hehe.

The revealing of some of the past, as well as the large dragon resting on the temple that they have been paid to clear out, should prove interesting in the next few sessions.  I should probably do an introductory video on YouTube to let everyone know what has happened so far.  I'm excited to see what happens next.  Let us see what my dark muses whisper in my ear during this next session...  >: ) 


  1. Heh, well, maybe Silverleaf (1st lvl Elf) will survive next session and set the record for longest lived arcane caster. :)


  2. Woo! Silverleaf is STILL ALIVE after TWO sessions! ;) Just 4 or so more before 2nd level! guh...

  3. Yes, Silverleaf has survived two sessions. :) hehe. Good job!