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July 2011 Game Summary & YouTube Audio (Level 2 Bitches!)

Darves Hill Actual Play Audio Campaign Links:

Metham the Cleric, Mescillius the Fighter, Cyr the Thief, and Targ the Fighter braved the dungeon alone.  The rest of the party went back to town to rest (aka they weren’t there to play). 

They continued to clear out the few remaining rooms in the first level of Darves hill.  They found several empty abandoned rooms, and then heard the sound of Elvish words being spoken though they couldn’t understand what they were saying to each other.  As they approached the musical sounding voices, they realized that they were speaking in some sort of metered or poetical phrases.  Cyr peaked into the open door at the end of the hallway, and saw four dark skinned Elves with blond and white hair.  Was this some sort of poetry session, some evil ritual, or perhaps some worship service?

They attempted to move around the poets, but they heard a breathing sound on the way.  They approached quietly, but it seems that the light gave them away and it ran off.  When they entered the room in question they kicked a trip wire across the hallway and rocks fell on them from above.  In the room they heard someone banging metal on metal, and then they heard the sound of the 4 poets making their way to surround them, as well as someone else coming from the North!  They were being surrounded!  Then they heard the sounds of casting… 

After the brutal battle, the bleeding and splattered Drow corpses were lying all over the floor, and the bleeding adventurers pressed on into the dungeon.  They found some platinum pieces on the bodies, as well as a spell book and 5 scrolls.  They also found a circlet of silver that was around the Mage’s head.  They also snagged the 4 musical instruments that apparently the poets used from time to time. 

They wanted to open the trap door below the blood lake that was above them in the Temple on the surface of Darves Hill so that it would flood just about the entire level of the dungeon.  While looking at the trap door and the stairs leading up to it, they spotted a volcanic idol to Orcus the Demon Lord of the Undead…  Metham’s holy warhammer Death To Death was glowing, as it does normally when it is in the presence of Undead.  In a nearby room they saw another fresco painting where Lekorh the supposed ruler of Darves hill is pictured hugging some bleeding demon that was holding the head of a woman.  They also saw a glyph that was inscribed in the Mage’s spellbook.  Ssussu was the name associated with that demon in the book that inscribes itself with blood.  They also found a throne made out of bones, hair, and stitched skin. 

Metham took it upon himself with his holy warhammer to smash the volcanic idol of Orcus.  Black mist came out of the cracks, as well as hideous looking insects.  As the idol collapsed into shards, Metham ran back into a nearby room and hid from the mist and insects that was pouring out of it.  It seemed that Metham destroyed a great evil artifact and didn’t seem… to have any consequences for smashing it.

The group then tried to decide how much of the first level of the dungeon that they wanted to flood with the above blood lake’s liquid.  They decided to close off some of the doors so that they could still get up and down but to also have nearly all of the dungeon completely submerged under blood.  They were also trying to figure out how they could drain a lake full of blood from below… and not drown doing so.  They eventually decided to use Targ’s pick axe to punch several holes into the trap door from below so that it would drain slowly and they would asphyxiate on blood.

They looted the throne finding some coinage, and they felt like they avoided something nasty, thanks to Metham smashing Orcus’ idol in the face.  They also found a box of white dust that they could not identify.  They then smashed the bone throne.

ALL OF LEVEL ONE WAS COMPLETED!!!  So now they’ve cleared out all of the surface buildings on Darves hill and the level beneath it.

The group then double checked all the rooms quickly, and opened and closed doors as they thought necessary in final sweep of the dungeon.  They realized that they were going to drown the mushrooms, and possible the Nixie though they thought he might survive since he was a watery creature.  They put the holes in the door and began draining the lake of blood from the Temple above to flood most of the 1st level of the dungeon.

Cyr, Mescillius, Metham, and Targ then decided to rest up on the surface of Darves Hill for several days.  They also wanted to see how the draining of the blood lake was doing.  After the 2nd day of rest they noted that half of the blood lake had drained.  They also could see the female/monster creatures in the lake of blood, so they shot them from a distance with arrows.  They attempted to hide but the level of the blood was so low so they couldn’t get out of site.  The three disturbing creatures’ bodies then were floating in the liquid.  They could tell that the top of the creatures was a female torso, and the bottom was a mess of tentacles with a very large mouth filled with sharp teeth. 

They then descended into the depths of the dungeon once again.  The black and white face near the stairs down did not speak this time, but instead just peered at them.  The railing of the stairs looked like fists and arms, and Cyr found that it was trapped.  He learned that if anyone touched the handles a spell would go off.  The top of each step was stone, and the downward part or the front side of the step seemed to be made out of some sort of watery stairs. 


They encountered some Yellow Mold, and got rid of it by spilling oil and burning it away. 

In another room they found another way up to one of the buildings on the surface.  They are starting to figure out that there may be multiple ways down to the lower levels of the dungeon on the surface of Darves Hill because of its topography.  They found a way up to the surface from level 2 so that they don’t have to go through level 1 to get there.

They then found a set of ordinary cast iron stairs that lead further down to the 3rd level of the dungeon.  They heard some horrible moaning, and headed into the next room.  Inside the room after the door was pushed open with a 10’ pole, they saw some spectral dark shadowy shapes.  Their mouths were stretched down to their stomachs and wavering in the air.  Metham tried to turn them to no avail.  The Shadows then began to drift towards them.  Their fists passed right through them and seemed to reduce their strength as they did so. 

Metham made quick work of the Shadows with his holy warhammer.  In a pile of stuff in the room they found some strong healing potions, a small black cube, and also two swords.  One had a double blade that dealt out fire damage, and the bastard sword dealt out cold damage.   

They found an evil looking black ivory skull with a cloth bag in the inside of it.  Inside the pouch they found some more coins.

In another room they were attacked by ghouls, but once again they made quick work of them (because I rolled terribly hehe).

They avoided a death trap room that flooded, and went the safer way.  The next room contained a strong stench of sulfur.  They found a small blue skinned Imp that was a devil.  It began to talk to them and try to get them to make a deal.  It seemed to want them to be spellcasters, but they weren’t.  It then turned invisible.  “Do you want to make a deal?  Do you want to cast?  I can give you power… you just have to do things for me once and awhile.  I can give you information.”  He was flying around and talking to them.  “Don’t you want to see in the dark, that torch is bright?”  Metham said that he didn’t make deals with devils.  “I have served Clerics before… you know.  I can help heal you too.”

They didn’t deal with the devil, and then it attacked them.  In the fighting Cyr got hit in the back by friendly fire.  It then disappeared and said that it would see them later.

They retreated to the surface and healed up their loss of strength caused by the Shadows.

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