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May 2011 Game Session Summary & YouTube Audio

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May 2011 Game Summary

Silverleaf the Elf noticed that the “spellbook” that he picked up from the room where the possessed Glassblower was changing.  Three sigils appeared in a flowing script-like design and were written in wet blood that doesn’t seem to dry, with a word associated with each symbol on the same page.  (These symbols and words were taken from the Tekumel Book of Ebon Bindings).

They heard the sound of a breathing face on the door.  The face was half white and half black.  Its eyes open when Grunka cracked it on the forehead.  The eyes seemed to concentrate on all of the faces of those in the group and it had a disturbing set of human eyes… 

The face on the wall started to speak:

“I lay the strictures of time and space upon you,
O Master of the ever-encroaching night!
I make these pages secure against the Unseen Coming Forth;
I lay the squares and draw the runes;
I surround myself with the incense and the blood,
With the stones and the instruments,
And with the sacrifices.
I encompass the guardianship:
O Whisperer, enter not!
O Wanderer of Tombs, seek me not!
O One of Spheres, call me not!
O Lord of the Unending Grey, your power touches me not.
I repeat the Names in peace; I say the Words with impunity.
None can come against me.
I shall not be borne forth from here!
I shall not be sent down into that land from whence none returns,
And where all mouths are choked with silence.”

They went into the next room, but when the door was opened the eyes took the opportunity to stare at each of their faces in turn.  They took the opportunity to check the maps they bought from Old Manx (so the players didn’t have to map parts of the dungeon).  They had plans to eventually drain the blood pool from above in the Temple on the top of the hill.  They really didn’t talk about the logistics of actually pulling that off, but continued on into the depths of the dungeon.

They heard a throaty voice in the darkness, followed by some flopping wet feet, and then a splash.  They smelled rotting wet vegetation, mud, and other unhealthy smells.  As they approached they found a slimy residue on the ground.  A large green and barbed slimy appendage flew through the opening of the door, and wrapped around Thimple the Halfling who in turned stabbed it with the Baenur sacrificial dagger.  Mescillius the Fighter attacked (and got a natural 20) with his great sword that doesn’t like snakes and other watery slimy things.  The sound of sizzling flesh was disgusting, and then it pulled the appendage back into the room.  Cyr shot an arrow which pinned another appendage of the creature down into the shore of the murky pool in the next room.

Targ waded into the pool and stabbed into the murky water blindly but missed.  The group grabbed the pinned appendage and started to tug on it while others started slicing the pinned flesh.  A mass of disgusting and writhing tendrils emerged from the pool, and it had a single large eye with a sharp beak in the center of its face.  Thimple the Halfling did a jumping dive with the Baenur sacrificial dagger, and stabbed the creature right in the eye…  It looked like a nightmare as the little evil bastard plunged into the milky eye that popped and leaked all over him.  The evil dagger killed the swampy horror.

They searched the room and pool and found a secret door covered with vegetation, and some skeletons in the pools.  In the victim’s backpack they found some rotten worthless scrolls, and some silver and an emerald.

There was some shenanigans between the various thieves in the group and they realized it was a good thing to have many eyes to find traps.  In the secret room they found a Gnome, who it seems once mined up on the surface with the other mumbling gnomes.  The Gnome was surprised to see them enter the room and seemed to be full of him self.  They saw a couple of other books on the shelf.  He didn’t seem very threatening, but he began to cast a spell.  They tried to jump over the desk to attack the Gnome, but everyone missed horribly.  Then Mescillius reached behind the desk and yanked him up into the air.  He held him up like a Gnome piñata while everyone beat him.

The Gnome’s eyes rolled back into his head, and everyone felt the power of a spell upon them.  They felt an evil wave that spread through the room.  Those that failed took damage that almost killed some of them.  They were thankful for the healing amulets.  They noticed the wounds of the Gnome had healed up.  The fighter then flung the Gnome onto the top of his desk, and he landed on the floor like a sack of evil potatoes.  Targ, another fighter then pinned him to the floor with a pickaxe.  Then everyone else took turns kicking the Gnome until the room looked like a bloody crime scene.  They found some silver, a jar of eyes, the books (which focused heavily on Necromancy and on Undead), and a nice dagger (possibly magical).  The words Eniga were on the dagger, which means, “Biter.”  The dagger looks like it is made of two different types of metal.

They also found an Undead Gnome locked in the desk, but he was tied up and gagged in the large drawer.  They killed the thing in the drawer, and then threw the desk into the pool with both dead Gnomes in the drawers.  They assumed that the Undead Gnome was an abducted Gnome Miner from the surface.

Grunka kicked open the door out of the back of the Gnome’s room and found an enormous room filled with hundreds of fungi, phosphorescent moss, and giant mushrooms (up to 14’ tall).  The room reeked like decaying matter.  There was lots of “Mungus.” hehe.  After they entered the room, they noticed that some of the mushrooms were swaying in various ways.

They came to an archway that had lots of bits of flesh hanging by strings (that turned out to be intestines).  It was dried flesh, but it looked about 2 weeks old.  There were other archways leaving the room, and all of them had hanging bits of flesh.  In the corner of the room they found a pile of flesh.  They knocked all of the flesh down from the arch.  They found a ring that was a piercing in the flesh.  It was a ring with a wavy bit of blue glass in the middle of it.  Quinn decided to pierce his nose with the ring.

In the hallway leading from the room they found that the floor was covered in ground up bone chunks.  Cyr impressed the other Thief because he was able to sneak down the hallway (even though he had Elven Boots on).  Cyr saw another one of the white and black faces that was breathing in and out.  Cyr got the feeling that the face was seeing more than just the physical.  It began to speak:

“Hail, Origob, Master of Silences, Lord of Irreality!
No more are you in this place, no more are you here!
Minions, servitors, adorers, all are gone and none remain!
All is done, all is as it should be! The Skein has unfolded.
The fabric of the worlds is as before; naught is altered.
All is as we have entreated you, all is as you decree!
A voyage in glory unto your homeland, Beyond the World, Realm of Sighs!
A far-travelling, O Lord, between the realms of being!
All hail, Lord Origob, all hail!” 

The Cleric realized that this name is the name of a powerful demon… and mentioning the name out loud is supposed to have dire consequences.  They started wondering why these faces were speaking of demons.
They found a poor tortured Fey creature of some kind that was hung up on the ceiling by a series of pulleys  and ropes.  It had many scars from where flesh was removed in the recent past.  They lowered the creature down to the ground.  His eyes opened, and they were entirely green.  They gave him water, and notices his tongue was removed, and he had shards of glass under his fingernails.  He indicated with eye blinks that the Gnome did this.  They removed the glass and healed him up some.  He seemed relieved that the Gnome was killed by the adventurers.  They assumed that he was some sort of Water Fey.  They noticed that he had a cut all the way around his neck…  He seemed to want to get around the adventurers, and they guessed he had to get to the pool. 

When the Nixie escaped the room, the head dislodged from the body, and black slimy wings emerged from his throat.  It started heading to the stairway down to the 2nd level of the dungeon.  The body of the Nixie however started moving…  and was headed toward the pool.  When its feet waded into the pool, it touched the hand of the adventurers and then dove into the pool.  They then dragged the monster and the desk out of the pool, so they wouldn’t foul the water for the Nixie.  The headless Nixie was swimming around in the pool and seemed to be happy.  They thought that since the creature grew its skin back that it could grow its head back as well.  Quinn realized that the ring piercing he has allows him to walk on water.

They dragged the carcasses of the Gnomes and the creature into the “Mungus” room, and the bodies were digested in a relatively quick time.  They also noticed that the mushrooms seem to be a food source for other inhabitants in the dungeon.

The next room they went into was carpeted with human skin, the walls were painted in blood, and the ceiling was covered in chunks of skin and hair.  When they stabbed the skin on the floor, it bled.  Stinky the Quasit demon started snorting up the blood on the skin.  Then the skin carpet attacked the little demon, and rolled up over it.  They caught the skin carpet, and tried to unroll it.  While they did this, the rest of the carpet attacked by trying to envelope them.  They managed to escape from the skin carpet after they burned and cut the skin.

They entered the room at the end of the hall, and saw a Kobold casting a spell.  They were not able to interrupt the spell, and so it went off.  A bunch of flaming rats flew out of the Kobold’s hand and blasted Quinn.  Cyr managed to get an arrow right into the Kobold’s throat killing it.  They could not put Quinn’s flaming rats out before the flames killed him…  So died Quinn from the flaming rat spell.

The Kobold had a drawing book that illustrated various torture techniques and doodles.  They found some wealth under the bed in a disgusting rotting sack.  They thought it came from a corpse from the pool of water where the Nixie now resides.  They determined that the Gnome and the Kobold were working together.  They threw the Kobold in the “Mungus” room and the fungus started to sway differently.  Can mushrooms be happy?  The party wondered. 

The next room they discovered some red flowers, and they found another way down to another level, and the banister on the stairs was made of stone arms instead of just normal wood.  When they walked by the flowers they opened up their flowers, but they didn’t interact with them any more than that.

They came upon a room of fighters gambling with some dice.  There some wagers where they were gambling away their loved ones.  They ambushed them by shooting arrows into the room, and then the fighters charged out of the room.  The Thief Cyr stabbed the third one in the back, and brutally murdered him.  Both of the remaining fighters swung their great axes and missed horribly (I rolled like crap, hehe).  They butchered the fighters and discovered that they had some prisoners in the sacks by the fire.  These looked like “trustworthy fellows” so they joined the group.  Hehe.  The fighters had talked about Kerlon (the Gnome that the group killed earlier in the session).  The group guessed that the new party members were going to be experimented on by the necromantic Gnome.

In another room there was a black and red snake that didn’t last very long against Mescillius’ snake-hatin’ sword.  They determined that the snake was poisonous.  They determined that using poison might be too dangerous.  (House rules, if you use poison and you roll a 1, you poison yourself).

They stumbled upon a lectern in what seemed like a religious room of some sort, with chairs as well.  The book on top of the lectern was a book of names, and they were dedicated to the goddess ZurBalta, the Queen of Darkness.  One of the Clerics picked up the book.  The longer they stayed in the room the heavier they felt, so they left the room. 

The next hallway had a smell of burnt meat.  Thanks to the maps from Old Manx, they were able to find a secret room.  The room was a room with fires, and hanging human corpses.  There was a pile of cooked meat, and some sharp cooking tools.  They heard some muffled screams coming from another hidden room.  They opened up the secret door and found a 2 feet tall Brownie that was cutting into a Gnome that was hanging from a metal hook in his back.  The Brownie hissed and growled and managed to cut and then bite into Grunka’s calf, but he didn’t stand much of a chance.  They rescued and healed up the Gnome that was captured.  The Gnome was well spoken for his kind, and then they decided to help him up to the surface.  They took Quinn’s body to the Temple in the town of Nahm where they burned it (as is the custom there).  They crashed for the night, and so ended the session.     

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