Thursday, May 12, 2011

Next Game This Weekend & Other Updates

So, it's that time in a GM's life when he realizes he needs to do some game prep, and he only has about an hour of free time left in week before the actual game, hehe.  It's a good thing I have been keeping up on the game summaries so I can scan over them quickly to remind myself of what has happened before.  Also, I've been blessed with great players and they set me straight when I blunder on something that happened in the past.

Projects around the old house that we bought have started to pile up, so I've been working on those.  My current job is to turn the unused attic into a space that actually has a floor instead of a series of wooden balance beams.  The threat of rolling a natural 1 up there and falling through the ceiling was a real threat, hehe.

Nothing like working in an uninsulated attic for a couple of days straight...  I think I've lost a few pounds.  :)

So, look forward to another series of audio recordings from May's session, as well as a typed up summary.  I need to get better with the character names.  I think the main character / retainer thing is mixing me up, but that is added to the fact that I'm piss poor when it comes to remembering names.

I was going to run a Midnight Campaign using Labyrinth Lord, but we've switched systems to Novus (a game in playtest right now from the author of H.A.R.P.).  I'm looking forward to it, and it should be a nice political game since all of the characters will be evil priests trying to work their way up the hierarchy of the Order of Shadow.

So for now I'll keep updating the game summaries and posting links for the audio files.

Also, I turned in my turn 3 for the Domain Level LL playtest over at Hill Canton's blog, so hopefully that will get resolved and we can move onto turn 4.  The Gibilki culture and settlement has been doing fairly well, and it is interesting to see the setting growing before my very eyes.  It's been fun playing in a game that is toward the higher end of things, and worrying about all of my citizens.

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