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Darves Hill May 2012 (52 & 53) Recap

DH52 & 53 (May)


Tom: Mescillius (fighter) & Metham (cleric of Aemano). John: Blevin (halfling) & Percival (magic-user). Damon: Tristan (elf) & Francis “the frail” (cleric). Chris: Singen (magic-user) & Padre (cleric). Luke: El-Rashid (fighter) & Silus “the sickly” (cleric of Fornast). Jeff: Thimple (halfling) & Joshua (cleric of AeBalt).

Singen & Padre showed up (having heard of the groups infamy and they signed up to help explore the Hill with our group of misfits. The group was relaxing in town and did some drinking. Gronn told them that he “blesses the God-Rocks” every day. He does seem to have low-level cleric spells. The group took some of the Withered Legion's armor, and picked through the weapons. Then they headed back to the Hill from town.

When the group arrived at the bottom of the Hill, the Green Dragon looked down at them. The dragon smashed the side of the temple that it was wrapped around. It bellowed “TRIBUTE! GEMS! GOLD!” Joshua gathered up about 1,200 gold pieces and held it out in front of him. He was shaking like a leaf, and he couldn't remember the Dragon's name. Some of the other characters went up with Joshua. The dragon blessed the small group of characters that came up with him. The dragon wasn't sure why Joshua looked so familiar. It seemed to not remember fighting the Withered Legion.

The group descended into the lower levels. In a nearby room they heard the sound of weapons clashing. They found clumps of bloody fur, and blood trails where they assumed the bodies were dragged. They followed them. In a room there were mud tubes on the walls, ceiling, and floors. They reminded them of termite mud tubes, if the termites were dog sized. The group heard various buzzing noises in the tunnels. The group had a difficult time getting across the room, and some of the characters fell into the tubes angering the insects within.

They saw a dark dwarf that asked him who they served, and they didn't give a good answer. He rang a bell and then they killed him. He cursed in the name of Murgulta the Blood Moon Goddess. They entered a very large room with a meteor of iron with an alter on the side of it. There were 7 dark dwarves in the room. On the altar there was a beautiful humanoid woman of an unknown race.

Metham cast Hold Person and four of the Dwarves froze in place. The high priest unleashed a ray of black energy that turned into and through Thimple. Blevins went and attempted to destroy the woman on the alter and smashed her knee. Francis put three more of the asleep. The priest turned out to be Undead. Francis was lucky to have his amulet when another necromantic blast of rats flew through his soul. Metham with his Death to Death warhammer smashed into the high priest but it didn't put him to a second death. Whoever damaged the high-priest was cursed by him, and a unholy (holy) symbol of Murgulta was burned upon their foreheads when he died

The woman had a strange alien beauty to her. She was strangely perfect. They found her breathing shallowly in a deep sleep. She didn't detect as evil, and they healed her smashed knee. Joshua picked up the naked woman and carried her out of the room.

They then talked to one of the dark dwarves that was asleep after they woke up up from the magical sleep. “If you kill me, those with the mark of Murgulta will follow me down into death. I'll take them with me.” Metham thought that the curse mark on their foreheads would make it very easy for a cleric of Murgulta to use spells on them.


They kept talking to the captured Dwarf. He said that he now served the brother Borgius, since he had the better claim to the Minotaur's throne. He told them about the different brothers fighting each other for the throne. He told them that the group has lit the hornet's nest on fire and started a civil war. He asked them about the cannibals, and he was shocked to learn that the group unleashed the cannibals into the room.

Francis attempted to kill the woman, and Joshua cast Hold Person on him. Joshua was NOT happy with him. Metham came out to find out what was happening and put a stop to the confrontation.

The Dwarf told them Mardus was the eldest and ruling Minotaur until the group slayed him. Borgius (the next oldest brother) is fighting against his younger brother Kornas. The various factions are lining up behind one or the other Minotaur. He told them that the Dwarves were hired by Borgius, though they haven't fully decided to officially support one or the other brother. El-Rashide was an eloquent spokesperson to try to use one side againt the other.

The group told them that they might offer them more than Borgius would. This was very interesting to the Dwarf. He told them that some of their number had fallen in the war, but also that the cannibal hordes had taken a toll. The Dwarf tod them they wanted to use the woman's healing properties for their side. They are getting hired by Borgius for 50 silver each per month. The group discussed moving the Dark Dwarves to Nahm, to help populate the town, be soldiers in the militia, and to run the local temple, or to at least help with the running of it.

Those in the party that were injured were completely healed. Characters that were horribly wounded suddenly became healed. Mescillius' eye grew back, Thimple's dead patch of skin on his face healed. Her powerful healing abilities were very evident.

Singen handed out a torn piece of cloth so that those with Murgulta's Curse mark on their foreheads could hide them. Some of the characters refused and considered it a battle scar to keep.

The Dwarf's name was Kergil (cleric of Murgulta). The offer was to give them 6 gold each for serving them. He set up a time and place to meet them. They told them to meet them in the room above the burrower insects. He told them when they land on your face that they breed, so they wanted to avoid those insects. The Dwarf wanted the girl back, but they did not give into this demand. He told them that the plan was to have the girl heal their soldiers faster than the other side. He told them that he would try to convince the Dark Dwarf leader to meet them. When they let the Dwarf go he showed them a trick to put the buzzing mud tube insects asleep. They let him keep the amulet off of the old high priest. He just got a promotion, so he wasn't too upset by it all.

Joshua carried the woman out of the dungeon, with the rest of the group in tow. He then walked up towards the Green Dragon on the surface. The Dragon looked surprise to see Joshua again. “You gave tribute, why are you here?” The woman healed the injuries, the growth, and his scales grew back where they were missing. After one hour it seemed like it was completely healed. The Dragon told him that, “They no longer needed to give him tribute. The Hill is yours, the Temple is mine.”

The woman was muttering something under her breath. Blevins thought that she was saying something in some Divine tongue, perhaps some sort of Song of Creation. They were trying to figure out which god or goddess had a domain of healing. When Joshua started praying to the statue of MurGwala (the Green Moon) in the Temple in the town of Namh, the statue... changed to look just like the healing woman. They guessed that the woman might possibly be the goddess of the green moon.

They did some research on the solar and lunar eclipses, and the books in the Temple said that during such times that the gods were closer to the mortal material plane.

They brought Gronn in and told him to see and then guard the goddess. During the night, those that slept in the Temple had very violent dreams about nature, and the animals in nature.

The next day the lunar and solar eclipse seems like it is starting to go away. The moons will go out of alignment in this order: Blood (MurGulta), Green (MurGwala), and then White (MurAlta). Plants started growing in the temple around the goddess, and worshipers from the town have come to revere and pray to the goddess. The donations to the Temple increased dramatically with the goddess there.

The group headed back to try to meet up with the Dark Dwarves. They talked with the leader of the Dark Dwarves. They told the leader that they could still work for Borgius but that they REALLY would be working for them. They told them that they got along with the Dark Elves, but they wouldn't mind if they could be... eliminated. They gave them a map explaining what areas they had control over. They told them that some Sleegos were aiding their side. Half of the pink ones sided with Borgius, and the other half support Kornas.

Kergil pulled out a Murgulta Blood Dagger. The leader cut his hand with it, and then held it out. He then grasped El-Rashid's hand. He told them that there were 50 in total, and that not all of them could be here. They paid them for 20 for the full month, and promised to pay the rest of them. Metham paid for the rest of the month for the Dwarves.

They promised to give them refuge in the Dark Dwarf territories. They were also given a message to perhaps allow them to pass by The Withered Legion without being harmed. Of course since Lekorh knows about them... this might not work.

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