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April 2011 Game Summary & YouTube Audio Recordings

Darves Hill Audio Campaign Episodes 14 - 20


The party brought back the girl Summer and the child from Darves Hill.  They were going to be sacrificed to the god Baenur (the Son of Shadows), but the group rescued them.  They also killed the evil priest, that seems to have been the root cause of several things in the town of Nahm. 

Summer’s father was saying strange things and they took him to the Temple in town.  They delivered the baby to the priests of the Temple.  It turns out that the glassblower had two black snake-like parasites that seemed to be messing with him or possibly possessing him.  They removed the parasites with the help of Cyr’s holy coin artifact. 

They learned that the glassblower killed his wife and that he buried her face down up on a nearby hill by the Old Oak Tree.  She was supposedly “collecting herbs” for a couple of months, said Summer.  He also killed the seamstress and her half-orc son, and stole an infant from her place (that wasn’t hers either).  They gleaned this from the glassblower after getting rid of the parasites.  He told them that his wife was buried with her signet ring on her finger.

They headed to the Seamstress’ house to see what was there.  The half-orc son was nailed to the ground, and the Seamstress was completely butchered.  Her room was covered in dried rotting blood.  It looked very Helter Skelter, because the possessed glassblower wrote on the walls with her blood.

They found a bloody book, that had lots of old blank pages.  In the center of the book however they found a bunch of old arcane scrolls.  The glassblower created a bunch of bloody illustrations of what he did to the seamstress.  The scrolls seemed to be written in an archaic manner.  The Elf was happy to have them.

They found a loose board, and under the house was a pool of black ichor.  They used Cyr’s holy coin artifact to destroy the snake-like creatures swimming in it, and the color turned gray.  The Clerics thought that it was very possible that the ichor under the house was introduced, and that the woman and son could have been slain in a ritualistic manner to possibly summon these creepy parasites…

The glassblower’s house had bloody prints all over it.  They looked under the porch and found a black box with the Baenur holy symbol on it.  When Thimple pulled out his evil sacrificial dagger the Baenur Box moved closer to him.  “Please stop taunting the evil box of doom.”  One of the new recruits wanted to open up the box, and then most of the party failed their save vs. spell.  Those that failed their save got some horrible or weird abnormalities to their person, and then the box vanished.

The box vanishes.  They tried to use Cyr’s coin to rid the strange effects that it had on them, but it didn’t help.  On the hill by the oak tree there were 5 patches of dead grass.  The war hammer that glows when it is near undead was glowing.  They used the trusty 10’ pole and staked all 5 bodies, and the war hammer glowed no more.  (I was quite impressed with this usage of the 10’ pole, hehe). 

There have been some other missing people in the town of Nahm, but the priest Ur-Nammu said that he would find out who is buried up on the hill, and if anyone else is still missing.  The party members said that it was safer up on Darves Hill.

The Seamstress’ place may become the group’s headquarters in town.  The priest Ur-Nammu said he would put in a good word with the Mayor to see if they could purchase the house.  Before they left they purchased some maps off of Old Manx, and they sold their donkeys to the Temple in town for 3 healing potions each.

They headed towards Darves Hill, and they saw the Temple on the top of the hill was glowing in an evil red fashion.  They decided to camp several miles away from Darves Hill.  During the night ferrets-like creatures must have surrounded the party because they saw many footprints.

They worked their way up to the Temple on the top of the hill that was glowing the night before.  They opened up the door that seems like it has been repaired many times in the past.  Inside the enormous temple there was a thick red light that they could only see 10 feet into at a time.  They explored the area with a 10’ fog of war essentially.

They discovered a very large pool of blood in the center of the floor.  They also learned that there was a passage way down to the 1st dungeon level, but it was filled with blood.  The pool was 100 feet across, and slightly longer.  They heard some splashing in the center of the pool.  They attempted to empty out the pool of blood with the bag of holding, but they realized this would take days upon days to accomplish this task so they gave up. 

Ordok Throon decided to wade into the pool of blood to see what was making the splashing noises in the center of it.  They tied a rope to the Dwarf and he wandered out of their sight.  The rope went out 80 feet and then the rope went slack.  The rope looked like it was cut.  They threw some more ropes in with a rock tied on the end of it several times, and eventually something grabbed hold of the rope and tugged them all face down into the blood.  A few of them were able to stand up, and then they tugged the rope and whatever was holding it let go. 

They could hear something coming towards them in the blood, and they began running back out of the pool.  It seems they distracted the unknown creature long enough to have them let go of the poor Dwarf, who broke free through the surface of the blood and started screaming and swimming/running towards shore.  Ordok felt hands grab him and pull him under, and then they let go of him.

The group ran around the outside of the pool screaming for Ordok to swim to them.  They threw out another rope in the attempt to get the rope to him and pull him in.  The creature was right behind Ordok at this point.  The rock on the end of the rope hit the Dwarf right in the face.  Ordok grabbed the rope just as his ankles were bit into by the creature behind him.  He looked back, and with his one handed axe he swing at the thing behind him…

The Dwarf saw a gorgeous woman above the surface of the blood, but beneath the waves he could feel the large mouth filled with teeth biting his legs.  The axe hit into her, as well as one of the arrows shot from the rest of the party on the shore.  The wounds made the creature let go of the Dwarf’s legs, and then the rest of the party pulled him in via the rope.

As they exited the Temple via going along the outside of the walls, they found all 16 of the gods of the pantheon represented via tall statues.  There weren’t altars but there were ancient offerings at the feet of the statues.  It seemed to once be a very ornate structure back when it was taken care of.  They hope to drain the lake of blood down into the lower level of the dungeon via the hidden way down that they discovered that appears to lead down to a 20’ x 20’ room.

They traveled to the left side of the hill where the building was that leads down to the lower levels.  The magical mirrors of the room don’t seem to reflect the true shapes that they should.  With the mirrors on the walls, the illusion of infinite reflections filled the mirrors.  The wall bended when it was touched, and Cyr touched the Mirror and he was sucked into it with Stinky the Quasit Demon.

Thimple the Halfling ventured into the mirror to save Cyr (and Stinky) from the wind and creature of the mirror.  The rest of the group pulled on the rope around Thimple’s waist to pull them both to safety.  Silverleaf the Elf decided to look at his handheld mirror, and then look into the mirrors on the wall.  The mirror creature had yellow eyes, with horrible yellow and green skin.  The mirror creature was holding Cyr’s reflection hostage.

The walls of the room and dungeon were made from a dull dark stone.  They heard two orcs talking and tried to sweet talk them into a trap.  This failed, and one of them went running for reinforcements.  A ballistae bolt just missed one of the characters and then they charged down into the dark tunnel.  A lone orc was trying to reload the ballistae but he didn’t have enough time.  They butchered him, and then continued on down into the darkness.  They turned the now loaded ballistae around and started wheeling it after the running party members with its squeaky wheels.

They were peppered with arrows from 4 orcs as they approached, but they barreled into them, and chopped them to bits.  They spiked the door, and then hid behind the Ballistae as more Orcs were gathering behind the door.  They set their trap, but when the door opened Cyr botched his shot with it, and the ballistae bolt missed its target.  Thankfully no one was standing in front of it, or else they might have had a nasty shot to the back.

More orcs poured into the hallway and were assailed by ranged attacks.  The fighter types ran up to hack them to pieces, and made quick work of them.  The room was empty, except for some nice filth.  They also noticed that the shields of the orcs had a symbol of a broken toothed smile. 

We ended the session with the group still down in the 1st level of the dungeon.

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