Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blogging vs. YouTubing...

So, I think I need to figure out what to type out here, and what is better left for my rambling monologues on YouTube.  I've been trying to put more of my old school thoughts in the blog and I think that is what I should be doing.  Feel free to drop on by my YouTube channel for all things RPG however.

So my monthly game of Labyrinth Lord has been going well.  I have 5 devoted players, that all have good attendance, and good communication when they can't attend (which is awesome).  I can't tell you how many times people have "no called, no showed" games in other campaigns.  It is refreshing to have players like that.  :)

I am going to allow two floater players in to play in the April's game session, and we kind of figured that having two more players to absorb damage wouldn't be a bad thing.  FRESH MEAT!!!  I mean, new players...

Hopefully we will have a nice quiet place to record the session again.  Background noise from other games is not so good for an actual play podcast/video-thing.  While I still don't have access to a plug-in for my laptop, I figured out a way to use a lower power level, so it doesn't drain my battery as fast.

So, I'll still continue to do my videos, and try to keep this blog from gathering too much dust.

I need to do some more prep for April's game, as it seems they might actually break the surface of Darves Hill and do some real dungeon crawling.  What horrors await them beneath?  My dark muse and my shoddy prep work will decide...   

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