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Dec 2011 Recap (WAY LATE)

December’s Summary

Video 40

New characters: Dwarf Moorc & Cleric Abraham.

“Grunka & Company” were joined by these new characters Moorc and Abraham, who had heard of their exploits and sought them out to partake in the glory that was theirs. The group was anxious to get down to the Arena where they had placed a certain cursed item (the black skull chime of cannibalism) and so they started out. They planned out a course of action, using Old Manx’s maps to try to get down to the Arena through unexplored areas.

They worked their way into a long moist corridor and the doors were covered with moss and fungus. Thimple listened at the door and a puff of foul spores flew out at him. He acquired Skin Rot or Mummy Rot from it, and his Charisma took a hit. Cyr then burned away the fungus and moss with a torch, and scraped the residue off so that he could listen at the door.

They heard the sounds of flesh smacking against flesh, and possibly muddy water, but it was hard to tell with an old wooded door between them and the sound. Metham’s holy warhammer glowed brightly, and he warned that Undead lurked beyond. The Clerics prepared to hold up their holy symbols to turn the foul things.

In the back of the room they saw a glass case on top of a pedestal, and in front of the door. There was also moss and fungus on all of the doors. The floor of the muddy room was broken through and had a depression in it that was filled with muddy water and the writhing forms of the Undead. Metham with his piety in his god turned two of the filthy things. The other four of them started climbing the muddy slope towards the door where the characters were standing. Stinky (the melted face blood sniffing Quasit Demon) was sent off to help attack the Ghouls.

Video 41

They threw holy water into the Ghoul Pit to great success. Splash damage is nice. The Cleric Metham tried to slide down into the pit with his undead slaying hammer... and stuck headfirst into the opposite muddy side. The Cleric pops out of the side of the pit wall, and looks like he had a mud facial. Eventually they destroy all of the undead.

There was an undead animated hand in a glass case that had a signet ring of an eagle on it. Metham smashed the case and the animated hand was running around the muddy pit. Some of the group wanted to destroy the hand and others wanted to keep it. In the end Stinky was the one that put the ring on, but he wore it as a wristband. It made him dizzy, but that passed.


They realized that there was a trap door above them, but they didn't want to open it since the entire level above them was filled with blood.

In the next room they found a mutant Gnoll with a hideously large head that seemed to have a growth of some sort on it, and this large headed freak was ordering the 7 other Gnolls to attack the group. They stopped fighting, and the Gnolls wanted to get bribes from the party. Instead they just slaughtered them all like dogs.


After slaughtering the last group of Gnolls they find another 12 of them in a large room that had a throne in it. Thimple was able to survive the mummy rot on his face, but he is not a very attractive Halfling now... at 4 Cha. :)


Two Gnolls knocked one of the Clerics down the stairs, and the group could hear something making noises with a chain on the level below. The group followed the Gnolls down the stairs... and then they ran into a room with a caged and blindfoled reptilian creature, with dull brown scales and a yellow underbelly. They thought this thing was a basilisk. The remaining Gnolls upstairs were slaughtered.

The two Gnolls that ran down the stairs (won the initiative) and then took the blindfold off of the basilisk. SAVE VS. PETRIFY. Thimple failed, Grunka failed, Mescillius failed. So... all of the characters downstairs were turned to stone, and then everyone upstairs ran down after them. Targ was okay, the Cleric turned to stone, and the Dwarf was turned to stone, and Metham was okay. So... Targ and Metham were the only two characters not turned to stone. Stinky the Quasit Demon... managed to save too, and then he pulled the ear of the basilisk around to turn the remaining Gnolls to stone. Stinky then put the blindfold back on the basilisk.

The remaining characters that weren't turned to stone, dragged out the remaining statues/characters. Larm was the closest known city and it was in the west, where they hoped to find a high powered wizard that could cast a Stone to Flesh spell.


What was kind of ironic about the characters being turned to stone, was that they were carving statues of the heroes in the center of the town of Nahm. They used the teleport circles that were in two of the outside buildings to help move the statues down the hill and they got the cart and took them back to town. Then they headed to Larm.

They contacted a Mage's Guild in the city of Larm. They agreed to turn all of the statues back to flesh, to the relief of everyone. They learned that the guy stuck in the emerald was an ancient spellcaster that was stolen from the Mage's Keep. They also identified some of the group's mysterious magic items.

The Mage's took a step back when Cyr took out his coin, and they told him it was an ancient artifact. They believed that this artifact was made when the two higher deities were worshiped instead of the younger gods. They also felt that there are two souls trapped in the artifact coin; the souls of twin girls. They told him it was an ancient holy thing that possesses much power. The artifact is Bane vs. Demons.

They also learned that the Elves did not fair well when the Goblins massacred them. All of the tribes of Goblins got together and nearly wiped out the Elven civilization. The Goblins have set up shop in the Elven homelands.

They were told to be on the lookout for a simple mirror with a mithril exterior, and to contact them if they found it. The Mages gave them an egg, that could be used to summon a magical bird. They were told it was a lot faster than a carrier pigeon to contact them. They told them they would get around 5,000 GP for the item if they found it.

They learned that Stinky had a ring (wristband for him) that has a malevolent spirit in it that can aid the wearer.

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