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Jan 2012 Recap

January Recap (46-47)

Black Swarm of insects heading North towards the Dwarven Kingdom. The Goblin/Elven War is still going on, but it is rumored that many Elves died in the first battles. They returned to Namh and it seemed like the defenses were set up correctly. He elevated one of the Militia men to Sergeant. Barnabas was his name. He was paid by Grunka and was given 50 Gold to keep the Militia in shape, and to make sure they were kept in line. “Her High Generalness” said that she would be back to check on his work. Barnabas told them of several murders in town, where all of the victims were missing their heads. Ogden & Palmer (engraver and jewelsmith) both died in the murders, and Yetta a random townsfolk all died. The Mayor looked into it, but he never found anyone.

They went to talk to the Mayor. They managed to scare one of the Mayor’s kids by telling them of the murders. They then talked to one of his older daughters. The Mayor told them of other swarms of insects. There were no tracks associated with the murders. They were told that the Goblin Tribes had unified for the first time in 200 years to go attack the Elves.

They talked to a husband of one of the recently slain women that happened while they were talking to the Mayor. Wendy was the name of the slain woman. They went to the murder scene and then followed the very strange clues and were slowly tracking the murderer back into town from the outskirts of it. The trail lead them up on the roofs of several buildings. They learned that one of the houses in Nahm used to have a wizard in there that used to perform strange rites and experiments.

They returned back to their homes that were given to them by the Mayor, and they found the 4 heads there. One of the heads was hanging in the window, as if it was set up so that people would see it. They found a single large foot print lined with blood. Outside they found another boot track, but it was mostly covered by stones. This was in front of the Inn, and they asked if he saw anyone in front, but all he saw was an elderly couple of the townsfolk. The trail looked like it was heading towards the Temple. Stinky smelled the foot print and then he followed the trail. Stinky lead them towards the Temple. Gronn the one-eyed ogre was outside, but he said that he didn’t see anyone enter or leave the Temple.

They discovered that Ur-Masha was the murderer. Stinky smelled the boots and confirmed that it was him. During the battle they learned that Ur-Masha was a Liche. During the battle Grunka was slain by the Lich with a touch of death. After a hard fought fight and a brutal hit from the holy warhammer, snakes poured out of the body of Ur-Masha/Lekorh and then the snakes turned into mist. This mist traveled North towards Darves Hill. They then realized that the Lich Lekorh knows a lot about their party and what their goals are.

They told the town that Ur-Masha was possessed by a Lich, and that he was responsible for the murders. The whole town showed up at the Temple to see the evidence, and the Mayor was thankful for them finding the murderer and revealing the true nature of the “Priest.” The townsfolk gave the Heroes of Nahm many small items and coins in thanks.

The group looted the Temple to a certain degree, but since Metham was the new High Priest there, he didn’t want to remove all of the treasures from there. There were also poisons disguised as healing potions. They gave Grunka a glorious burning as befits the popular religion in the area… and then looted his corpse.

Brother Joshua was the new recruit, and they informed him of how Grunka & Company did things. They divided up the potions from the Temple, including a potion of Green Dragon Control (after Tim fudged the dice rolls a bit).

Lots of Cannibals on Level 3… and they learned that the Skull is a beacon of necromantic energy (wawawa noise & green energy). They also seemed to be trapped on Level 3. There was also 4,000 gold stored in the Temple.

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