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Oct 2011 Recap (WAY LATE)

I think I lost Sept's Summary...  Here is Oct 2011.

October’s Summary

There was a bit of background noise for the first half of this session, but when all of the other gamers went home it got a lot quieter.

Two new recruits (and one new player Christopher): Claude the Wizard, and Harrison the Fighter stumbled upon the group of adventurers and had heard of their exploits and wanted to join their group. There was some discussion about the campaign so far, and how they have been progressing through the megadungeon. They also talked about some of their standard operating procedures.

They heard some mucus-ladened voices that they had heard the last time they encountered some Troglodytes. They kicked in the door and they were ambushed by the Troglodytes but the attacks missed by a mile. The smell was horrible and assailed their nostrils in the enclosed room. Thimple killed off one with his sacrificial dagger of Baenur, and the other one gave up but then Thimple slaughtered him from behind in a very quick and painless fashion.

They found a fancy looking carpet with stuff on the inside of it. They unrolled it and it was 20’ by 10’ in size. The group was unrolling the carpet in a very tactical and careful fashion. They found a dark Elf but all of the moisture seemed to have been removed from the body, so it looked like a human-like raisin. Dust and dried skin particles filled the air when they removed the body from the carpet. They found a bastard sword, a wand, and some jewelry around her neck, as the body turned out to be a female. The wand had an emerald on one side and a ruby on the other side. It had 10 flat edges that ran the length of it. It had a name on the side of the sword that said Glorious Blood in the ancient tongue. Thimple received a message from his sacrificial dagger about what the sword did. The wand turned out to have the Knock spell cast into it. Claude the Wizard put on the necklace and seemed to improve in his looks, and had a lot more confidence it seemed. He also informed them that enemy spellcasters would have a difficult in affecting him with spells.

The group was looking forward to going down deep into the dungeon to see what their Skull Chime of Cannabalism did in the arena, but they wanted to wait for awhile to let the effects take their toll first.

They rolled up the Troglodyte in the fancy carpet and all of the water was removed from the body. The Carpet of Dehydration was what it was then named. When they hit the Troglodyte it turned into dust, and a key fell out of it. They picked up the key and they discussed what they were going to do with the red, blue, and black lined carpet. The carpet also seems to stay completely clean.

The saw a giant sphere of green glass and it filled the entire room. A smaller black sphere was rolling around inside of it in seemingly random directions. An oil lamp was hanging from the ceiling and it was the only light. “Lekorh, Lekorh, Lekorh” was written on the wall in blood. A grotesque looking demon figure popped into visibility and startled Harrison and Claude and it was perched on Cyr’s shoulder. This was of course Stinky the Quasit Demon, and Cyr’s Coin seemed to be repelled by the sphere slightly.

They saw a small slit in the side of the sphere, but it took them awhile to figure out that they could put their newly acquired key into it. The black sphere inside seemed to be moving faster now that they characters were in the room. Stinky disappeared when the group tried to get him to put his finger in the keyhole, he didn’t like the looks of it. Stinky handed the key to Cyr.

Cyr put the key into the sphere and the outer green sphere opened up, and the smaller black sphere rolls to your feet and starts spinning. The black sphere was 6” in diameter and it followed Cyr (since he put the key in the keyhole). The weird thing was that when it rolled on the rocky ground it made absolutely no sound. Stinky the Quasit Demon seemed to be terrified by the sphere. Before leading the room they grabbed what they thought was an oil lamp, but it seemed to be a small magical glowing creature that was trapped in there. Cyr tried to put his coin near the black sphere but he could only force it to about 6 inches away before he couldn’t force it any closer. Cyr climbed up the wall and the sphere rolled over to the wall and then followed him up the wall, defying gravity.

The next Troglodytes they fought were using poison tipped weapons and were looking for blood. They were all slain brutally by the magical weapons of the party. They figured out that whoever owns the key, controls the sphere. They also learned that if the sphere doesn’t have an owner (by setting the key down) it returns to its green sphere.

They went to another room that was filled with tons of mushrooms and what they thought was a leg. They found three 20 year old males laying face down in the mushrooms, and they seemed to be half submerged in the mushrooms. When they dragged one of the bodies out they realized that the mushrooms had grown into the person’s face, and stomach. They looked like they needed more help than the party could give them.

They learned that the mushroom covered naked human was born a slave down in the Slave Pits which was located somewhere deep down in the dungeon. They also dragged out the other two humans from the mushroom room.

They found an exit to the surface from the 2nd level of the dungeon that went up to one of the buildings up on the surface. The humans were really pale, and they had never been out on the surface of the world. The sky and the lights in the sky scared them. When they peeked out of the building they saw that the large Green Dragon had returned and was curled around the Temple at the top of Darves Hill. The Dragon had lots of fresh wounds and scars so they assumed it was possibly off fighting something. They joked about using the Carpet of Dehydration to turn the Dragon’s tail into dust.

The slaves were a bit unsure of what to do with freedom, and they told the group that they had been mushroom farmers for their slavemaster. Cyr pointed out that it was rather ironic that they were mushroom farmers and now had mushrooms growing out of their skin. They also told the group that the Fungal Dryad had bought them to feed her mushrooms, and also to feed the Troglodytes.

The group then traveled back to the town of Nahm so that they could try to help out their newly freed slave friends.

Nahm seemed to be getting back to normal. They went to the Temple and talked with Ur-Masha. They presented the three free slaves to him and asked for his wisdom. He told them it would take awhile and that they could start here. They were surprised that there were no mushroom farms in the area. Grunka gave them some gold to start their own business.

Ur-Masha said that the sphere was a Mordenkainen’s Sphere. He said it was some sort of protective device for the owner against magic but he wasn’t sure what it did exactly. Claude the Wizard cast Magic Missile at Cyr and the missiles were sucked into the black sphere.

The group cursed Ordok Throon since he left without a trace and took everything that was in the chainmail bag of holding. The group then redistributed some of their hand-me-down equipment to the new recruits and hoped that they might get a discount at the local stores since they helped fend off the Goblin hordes.

The group noticed some swirling clouds that seemed to be around Darves Hill. The group named the three freed slaves after mushroom species because they had no names, and didn’t understand the concept. Shitake, Portabella, and Kerminee were their names. They left for the hill and camped out in some light woods by a creek, and through the night they heard the Dragon flying overhead many times.

In the morning they saw that the swirling pattern of clouds is about a 10 mile radius, and there were light rains. They had to sneak past the sleeping Dragon to get below to where they were before. It took them some time but they got back down to Level 2.

All of the doors were kicked in previously in the area they checked first, and they saw some old blood stains and torn up sacks and bags. Several more rooms seemed like they were ransacked several weeks previous, and they saw some prints in the blood.

The next door they went to seemed like it was kicked in only to set off a deadly trap. They guessed that the person or thing that kicked in the door died, and then something else came along and ate their remains.
The next room had a false door that was a nasty trap that included a large spiked ball, but they managed to figure it out before it killed anyone. They found a few bloody gems beneath the trap as well set on the trigger for the trap.

They walked past the plant that was on the stairs down to Level 3 and they were attacked by flying barbs that were shot out of its blossoms. As they left the room a small rust brown dragon-like creature was sitting in the hallway and looked up in their general direction. It was 2’ long and about a 1’ tall at its shoulders. Grunka approached the creature with jerky and fed the creature. It singed the meat first and then devoured it. It kept sniffing for more meat.

They eventually found out that this creature was a pseudodragon THAT WAS VERY HUNGRY! It ripped open Grunka’s backpack to get at the jerky. They were pretty sure that this creature was the one that probably ate the dead bodies.

The pseudodragon then lunged off of the back of Grunka and then began to smell Claude’s spellbook and wand. It seemed to be interested in the magic-user over the other characters. It ate some of Claude’s hair and almost knocked him over as it crawled up on his back.

They began to hear grinding noises from the next room, but they weren’t sure what it might be. The door was locked. They saw a Minotaur in the room sharpening a huge sword on a grinding wheel, and they also saw some weapons hanging in the room.

Grunka and Harrison charged into the room… only to fall face first into a trap that was an illusionary floor trap. The Minotaur then chucked his huge sword through the air and nailed Claude right in the chest. It wound have killed him outright if he hadn’t been wearing the amulet. Claude is healed but he has a huge sword through him.

They threw Targ through the air out of the hole with the goal of having him attack the Minotaur, but he missed by about 5 feet. Thimple shot him from across the pit with a shortbow. Harrison then bravely went up toe to toe with the Minotaur and slashed him across the chest. It was a brutal battle that nearly almost killed off several of the characters.

Most of the weapons on the wall were too large to wield, and they believed that all of them were masterwork weapons. They also found some cure serious wounds potions. They also found 3,000 gps worth of stuff in the room as well such as gems, gold, silver, etc. 

We skipped Nov 2011.

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