Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feb 2011 Game Summary

So, because of the audio recordings I noticed that I didn't take as many notes as I normally do.  I figured that I would have time to listen to the recordings and take notes later, but a month goes by pretty quickly if you aren't paying attention.  It is the morning before I head off to Pittsburgh to do some gaming, and I find myself trying to rush a summary that is half remembered, hehe.

The group stayed the night in the town of Nahm, and wanted to get back into the madness that is Darves Hill.  They left in the morning, and arrived in the evening.  They saw that the greenish dragon on the temple at the top of the hill was sleeping still.  Upon arriving, they started to explore the buildings on the surface of the massive hill.  They discovered the lair of what they thought was some sort of undead creature, because the holy warhammer had glowed a faint white the last time they were near the creature that lived there.  They saw the remains of its clawed hands, a half of a cow that they put out of its misery, and six upside down humans.

The six humans were hanging from chains, and their heads were buried in the dirt.  When they dug up the heads of the rotting humans, they discovered a moving bag in their mouths.  Upon opening the bag, they found worms with human faces that were starting to grow "roots" into the skulls.  They kept some of these strange worms, and destroyed the bodies and hopefully ruined what was happening in that room.

They explored many other buildings on the surface of the hill, until they heard some sounds coming from the South that seemed like a fog horn.  Four strange giants were intoning something in their howls.  They had huge red twisted horns, lots of hair, and long tendrils that extended from their arms and they dragged them behind them.  Some of the party members had heard of a strange race of Giants that are supposed to be a form of Mystic, with the ability to manipulate strange magics.

The dragon woke up and came down off the hill to investigate, and one by one as the ritual chanting and singing continued, the Giants met their end by being gobbled up by the dragon.  In the end, one Giant remained, and then the dragon laid on its side, and the Giant proceeded to cut a large chunk of its tongue from its mouth.  After the large chunk of tongue was removed, the strange Giant Mystic began singing once more and then walked away from the dragon at a slow pace.  The dragon after a short while shook its head (spraying tongue blood everywhere).  It then flew up to the top of Darves Hill once again, but it kept flapping its head from side to side, shaking blood all over the place.  They thought perhaps it was some spell component as a part of some ritual.  It then crawled all over the hill in the night, and they thought it was rather cranky because it was missing part of its tongue.  It fled halfway through the night, and the strange horrible noises on the hill returned once the predator had left.   

 In one of the buildings they found a strange idol that was discovered was one of the gods of the Goblins.  It was their "Mother."  They later traded this idol to the Gnomes of Mumbling Speech.  hehe.  They killed a monstrous centipede in another building that looked like it was being fed by someone.  They set up a wonderful ambush, and the planning helped them in the fight.  They wondered if they killed another one of Marnal the Dwarf's pets, but it was fairly far away from where he lives, so they weren't sure.  They managed to take one of the poison sacks from the centipede to use at a future time.  In the corner they found a bag of nasty barbed caltrops with magical writing on the side of them that said "Toe Biter".

In the morning (after resting in one of the buildings) they looked around on the hill.  They found small pool of dragon's blood, and they collected some of this.  The Quasit Demon started snorting the blood up its nose (because its mouth is sewn and melted shut).  The blood of dragons is supposed to either be a blessing or have a curse to it.  They saved some of the blood in vials, but they didn't do anything with it yet.

They found a strange magical room with a marble floor.  After some exploration and tapping on the walls, they found a secret lever that twisted and lowered the floor like a ramp down to the third level of the dungeon.  They explored a little and found an arena where lots of goblinoids and other strange races were cheering on the combatants.  One race of beings they discovered was a pink skinned creature with tusks and mucus all over it.  They learned that Lekorh (the Undead ruler of the Hill) takes taxes from the event.  They also talked with a goblin that wants to meet them the next day (that will be next session).  One of the strange customs of the event was that the fans threw chunks of meat onto the arena during the parts that were exciting for them.  Blorgoth seems to be one of the most popular combatants of the Arena.  There were a few adventuring humans present, but the event was decidedly anti human, because they sacrificed captured human slaves to start each fight...

They also encountered a lair of some Fungal Undead, and luckily for them they didn't inhale the spores from the abominations...  Fire and oil were used to turn them into a bunch of crispy mushrooms.  The Cleric was also able to defeat many of them with his Turn Ability by harnessing the power of AeBalt, the King of Light.

On the surface of the hill (after realizing that facing hundreds if not thousands of amped-up goblinoids might not be a good idea) they encountered some Stirges holding up in a building.  with some planning, and by containing most of them in the building by closing up the holes, they torched the inhabitants inside, proving that good planning can go a long way to keeping your group alive.  The Elf's Sleep spell was proven to be very successful against them.  One of the characters got a little proboscis action, and felt a little weaker.

I'm really looking forward to today's game.  :)

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